A keyboard app that reduces typo by half without any user notice

Smartphone keyboard encounters Deep Learning

Nota Keyboard is a smartphone
soft keyboard that reduces typo automatically by learning users’ input patterns itself without additional manipulation or user adaptation.

Keyboard that Learns Input Patterns and Improves itself

Changing keyboard’s invisible input detecting region without user’s notice using Deep learning

Typo on soft keyboard is due to the discordance between the user’s touch input coordinate and the keyboard’s actual detecting region.

Nota keyboard doesn’t alter the keyboard layout. Rather, it changes the invisible region of each character’s detecting region to reduce the typo gradually.

Nota Keyboard’s Performance

Without Nota Keyboard

With Nota Keyboard


Typo Rate

Decreased by 52.3%


292.0 characters/min

Typing Speed

Increased by 4.8%

306.1 characters/min



Decreased by 23.6%


Nota Keyboard’s Technology for Users

Universal typo reducing technology

Typo reducing technology that can be applied to existing diverse keyboards regardless of language/input method

Personalized typo reducing technology

Reflects user’s typing habit with each individual’s hands’ shapes and positions and provide the personalized typo reducing algorithm

User friendly technology

User friendly technology that can be used instantly without any new input method or additional manipulation

Language modeling technology

Typo-reducing technology by dynamically changing key region based on the previous input characters