Anti-typo Soft Keyboard

NOTA Keyboard is a soft keyboard that reduces the 'Typo' in a half, which is a frequent discomfort in everyday life. Since NOTA Keyboard operates independently on the mobile, the personal conversation record is never leaked. Because the keyboard is optimized to suit the usage pattern of the individual, the more you use it, the less the typo becomes.

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Real-time Object Recognition Application

NOTA's real-time object recognition application operates state-of-the-art performance object recognition models in real time on edge devices (mobile, IoT devices). Therefore, unlike other software, it is robust to latency issues, privacy issues, and does not consider any network and server cost.


Emotional Intelligence

NOTA's emotional intelligence technology is able to recognize human emotional state and understand contexts in human conversation based on multimodal (audio, video) data. This technology is an underlying technology that can be applied to artificial intelligence that can share emotions with people.